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Operations and Supply Chain Management 17th Edition Jacobs TEST BANK

Name: Operations and Supply Chain Management 17th Edition Jacobs TEST BANK
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Test Bank for Operations and Supply Chain Management, 17th Edition, F. Robert Jacobs, Richard Chase, ISBN10: 1265071276, ISBN13: 9781265071271

Section One: Strategy, Products, and Capacity
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Strategy
Chapter 3: Design of Products and Services
Chapter 4: Projects
Chapter 5: Strategic Capacity Management
5S Investment Analysis
Chapter 6: Learning Curves

Section Two: Manufacturing and Service Processes
Chapter 7: Manufacturing Processes
7S ManufacturingTechnology
Chapter 8: Facility Layout
Chapter 9: Service Processes
9S HealthCare
Chapter 10: Waiting Line Analysis and Simulation
Chapter 11: Process Design and Analysis
11S Operations Consulting
Chapter 12: Quality Management
Chapter 13: Statistical Quality Control

Section Three: Supply Chain Processes
Chapter 14: Lean Supply Chains
Chapter 15: Logistics and Distribution Management
Chapter 16: Global Sourcing and Procurement

Section Four: Supply and Demand Planning and Control
Chapter 17: The Internet of Things and ERP
Chapter 18: Forecasting
Chapter 19: Sales and Operations Planning
19S Linear Programming Using the Excel Solver
Chapter 20: Inventory Management
Chapter 21: Material Requirements Planning
Chapter 22: Workcenter Scheduling
22S Theory of Constraints


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