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Operations Management 7th Canadian Edition Stevenson SOLUTION MANUAL

Name: Operations Management 7th Canadian Edition Stevenson SOLUTION MANUAL
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Download Original Solution Manual for Operations Management, 7th Canadian Edition, William J Stevenson, Hydeh Mottaghi, Behrouz Bakhtiari, ISBN10: 126032687X, ISBN13: 9781260326871

1 Introduction to Operations Management
2 COMpetitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity
3 Demand Forecasting
4 Product and Service Design
5 Strategic Capacity Planning

6 Process Design and Facility Layout
7 Work/Job Design
8 Location Planning and Analysis
9 Management of Quality
10 Statistical Quality Control

11 Inventory Management
12 Aggregate Operations Planning and Master Scheduling
13 Material Requirements Planning and Enterprise Resource Planning
14 Just-in-Time and Lean Production
15 Supply Chain Management

16 Job and Staff Scheduling
17 Project Management
18 Waiting-Line Analysis



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