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Accounting Information Systems 4th Edition Richardson TEST BANK

Name: Accounting Information Systems 4th Edition Richardson TEST BANK
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Test Bank for Accounting Information Systems, 4th Edition, Vernon Richardson, Chengyee Chang, Rod Smith, ISBN10: 1264444842, ISBN13: 9781264444847

Chapter 1: Accounting Information Systems and Firm Value
Chapter 2: Data Analytics: Addressing Accounting Questions with Data
Chapter 3: Data Analytics: Data Visualizations
Chapter 4: Accountants as Business Analysts
Chapter 5: Data Modeling

Chapter 6: Relational Databases and Enterprise Systems
Chapter 7: Sales and Collections Business Process
Chapter 8: Purchases and Payments Business Process
Chapter 9: Conversion Business Process
Chapter 10: Integrated Project

Chapter 11: Accounting Information Systems and Internal Controls
Chapter 12: Cybersecurity and COMputer Fraud
Chapter 13: Monitoring and Auditing AIS
Chapter 14: Reporting Processes and eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Chapter 15: Emerging Technologies: Blockchain and AI Automation
Chapter 16: The Balanced Scorecard, Business Model Canvas, and Business Value of Information Technology
Chapter 17: Justifying and Planning IT Initiatives Using Project Management Techniques



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